Every year at this time I start to really miss my mother.  She's been gone almost 20 years now, but Easter will always be our special time.  Her favorite childhood memories were of Easter.  One story involved her father, who she loved very much, and the never ending Easter Egg hunts made possible by a hole in his overalls pocket and gravity.  Next time you look at the moon and its shadows, try to find Peter Cottontail's mother leaning over his crib.  She loved her Lord and Savior and all things alive again in the Spring.  She shared that love with me and then with my son who will tell his sons about his Grandma.   Consequently, adding my own memories of her love manifested in handmade white and yellow polka dotted Easter Dresses, Easter is also my favorite holiday.  So I celebrate Cleda Hoy's life on Easter instead of Mothers' Day.  I think she would like that.

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