This was Tony's absolute favorite toy.  He never tired of running after it - no matter how many times I would throw it.  I loved it too because the weight of it and the rope made it something I could actually throw!

As he got older, the smell made it easier for him to find in the grass if he lost track of it.

This is a picture of the last time we played before he got sick.

Udder Chuckers

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Many a dog has drooled, many a dog has chased, many a dog will remember and want it again!
In 2004, I conjured up the world's first!  Since then, it has been copied by many, but there is only one ORIGINAL!

Made from the recycled rubber liner used in milking machines, this toy has an irresistible aroma that is a mixture of farm, field, and bovine delight!

Your dog will want one too!!

It's the favorite around the kennel too!


* Throws further because of the weight and momentum you get from the swing of the rope.

*Even if you can't throw a ball to save yourself, you'll be able to throw this.

*No loop for your buddy to trip on when he brings it back for another round.

*Also great for tugging games.

*An irresistible cow smell that is sure to make this your dog's favorite toy again.

*That smell will even make it easier for the older guys to find if the Udder Bumper gets lost in tall grass.

*No David Letterman, it does not float.

*Next to the tennis ball, it's simply the best dog toy ever invented!