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Bonnie and Clyde better hurry it up in that bank or I'm gonna make a deposit of my own right here on the seat!

It's easy to see why we Alpha Bitches intimidate men.

Other Options:
 "Dogs don't notice if your clothes are dorky and your hairstyle is from the 50s."

"Fuming in silence, Janie still couldn't believe Debbie had forgot to mail in their *#*! entries"

This makes a cute customized shirt for a group, i.e. I've used this image for an agility team heading for a big competition.

I swear, if they break their stay again this time, they're going straight back to the breeder!

Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful

If I'm old enough to fight,
I'm damn sure old enough to smoke!

My best friends are always dog people.

Whoever said "you can't buy happiness" forgot about puppies.

Other Option:
"Someday, I shall pack up my dogs and we shall drive to far away places where I will meet other women who have also left their husbands at home. And we shall call it...Agility!"

Curly was the world's first Licensed Hairapy Dog.

(What?  You don't think that's hilarious? See she has messed up hair, so she needs Hairapy dog.  Plus the dog's fur is messed up....which makes him well qualified.  - Mikel)

Rex earned his entry
fees by vending between runs.


Don't let life's little obstacles get you down.

World's Best Equipment Manager

PeeWee loved their Sunday drives, but all that cranking was wearing on him.

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After years of investigation, the Cold Case Squad finally had a suspect in the Coppertone Case.

Not vintage, but cute none the less!