1.  We donate 10% of every sale to rescue.


2.  All a rescue group or shelter has to do is sign up and put a Big Pile of Dog Shirts link on their website.  The more prominent your link placement is, the more of your supporters will visit us and send a donation.


3.  We are different from other "affiliate programs" you may be involved with.  Your groups can get donations from anybody that shops here - whether they got here by clicking on a Big Pile of Dog Shirts link on your website or not.  So, if someone just happens on this site and buys something, they can direct their donation to any rescue on "The List."


4.  We send your payments via paypal when you have accumulated $25 or more.  If you would prefer to have merchandise to resell, we can do that too - but you will have to let me know when you sign up.


5.  Your group doesn't have to be a 501c3 to get on "the List".  You just need to have a website and maintain the Big Pile of Dog Shirts link on your site.


CLICK HERE and sign up your group!