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If you can't reach me, I'm either outside with the dogs or with the goats and will call you back asap.

Thank you for visiting Big Pile of Dog Shirts PLUS!  I'm Mikel (pronounced Michael) and I own this website.  

I first started selling dog toys online in 2004 with the invention of a very special dog toy made from the rubber liners of milking machines.  Back then, my site was called HelpingUdders.com and I was one of the first websites to give a portion of sales to rescue!

I design most of the t-shirts myself - and make them all one by one.  I'm also open to ideas (within my artistic abilities, that is).

I also own a luxury dog boarding kennel here on my small property in Kansas that does very well for its size.  I also do consulting with people who are interested in starting a small kennel like mine.  If you are interested, please contact me.

One of my passions in addition to dogs and supporting rescue, is goats. 

I met my first goat in 2009 and now own a herd of very special dairy goat ladies.  Hence the goaty flavor of the website!

Goats are truly an amazing animal.  They feed billions of people around the world and make loving pets.  Most of the world drinks goat's milk and goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world outside the US.  When Jesus drank milk, it was from a goat.

I'm involved in a charity that gives dairy goats to impoverished families in developing countries.  When you buy something on this site, 10-25% of your purchase either goes to rescue or to the goat-giving charity.

One female goat can provide enough milk for a small family with enough left over to sell at their local farmer's market.  That same goat can have up to 3 offspring a year that can be sold to send children to school or to pay for medical needs.  One little goat can change the lives of a family forever.  More about the Give a Goat Program.

Tony, Cissy, Petey, and Sasha.

Tony at the 2010 AKC National Championships.

On July 1, 2015, Tony passed away from a long illness.  My heart still breaks everyday.

Tony is always at my side.  I've never been closer to a dog and the things he made possible for me through agility have been some of the happiest moments of my life. 

Tony earned his AKC Master Agility Champion title in 2010 and competed at the AKC National Championships in Tulsa that same year. 

Tony's has worked so hard for me all these years, both on and off the agility course.  He's my once in a life-time dog.

Cissy came to me through the trash man who found her and knew I was the Boston Terrier Lady in town.  She will likely meet you at your car when you drive into the kennel.  She never met a dog or stranger she didn't like.

Petey is how this all got started back in 2000, when this skinny little Boston Terrier jumped into my son's car and came to live with us.  He was my first agility dog and my introduction to Bostons.  He's gone now, be he will be missed forever.

Sasha keeps watch over the house.  She's a very obedient and loyal girl who enjoyed a short agility career in her earlier years.  I can tell her to wait on the porch while I do chores and she won't have moved a muscle when I get back.  She's a good dog.

and Scout my Anatolian Shepherd who takes care of the goats.  She's such a good girl, always keeping an eye out for coyotes and other critters that don't belong around the goats.  It's amazing to see how she and the goats communicate.  When Scout barks, the goats all run for the barn or away from whichever direction she is alerting to.  More about Scout